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Kenya Vehicle Manufactuers ,in addition to manufacturing vehicles that are fit for drives over rough terrains also offers watches additional products that are meant to make movements with  luggage within these terrains a little bit more easier and comfortable.Breitling replicaAudemars Piguet replica For our customers who are fond of outside activities like motorsports e.g  motor bike races and camping ,KVM produces  small trailers ,that can be towed by the SUVs or any vehicle that could be in use in terms of moving  out of doors activitiesReplica Cvstos utilities .

Below is an open trailer manufactured at KVM  used forAAA+ 2015 New Fashion replica Replicabreitling replicacheap replica watchesHUBLOT REPLICA is Very Special In Our Store. ferrying motorbikes .

Figure 1: A motor bike trailer

The cheap fake watchescheap replica watchestrailers can come in form of open trailers that can be used to carry wide luggage or those that cannot fit into a compact space e.g motorbikes, wide boxes etc.We also have trailers  that are so in addition to acting as storage facilities for excess goods like camping tents ,they can also be used as packing/storage areas as well as rolex replicareplica watches uk areas where campers can easily prepare their meals as they happen to consist of portable cooking areas .Here, we have a camping trailer from KVM.


                   Figure 2: A camping trailerBreitling Replica Watchescheap fake watches from KVM.


Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers in addition to manufacturing heavy MAN trucks also offers additional products to be used by the trucks in form of tri-axle trailers which are used for ferrying  large cargos .The trailers can come in different  forms e.g  flatbed trailers , tri axle cargo trailers etc  depending on the needs and intended usage  by the customers.In addition to the tri axle trailers being produced,a container,for ferrying liquids or gases, to be fixed on the flat bed trailer,can also be manufactured for our customers.

Bodies for the trailers can be manufactured,either fully covered or with  spaces , with an additional canvas for covering the whole trailer to safe guard the goods being ferried from water,wind and dust. Flatbed trailers  can also used for the placement of steel  containers that are used for ferrying cargo.

A tanker trailer and a tri- axle cargo trailer manufactured and labelled at KVM.

A modified trailer for outdoor promotional activities and a cabin with a tanker trailer from KVM.

Acquiring trailers from KVM is a quick process done in record time due to the re- known efficiency of a highly qualified team of dedicated staff members who are committed to the service and satisfaction of our esteemed customers.

For more information on the tri-axle trailers from KVM, one can contact our Sales Department team through the KVM contacts that are provided in our website.


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